The soft fleshy texture and delicately mild sweet flavor of scallops


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The research and production company of an aquaculture "Nereida" was formed at the initiative of sector of investment projects of administration of the Hasansky area by attraction on the territory and associations of domestic scientific and technical potential and the interested representatives of business.

The company is engaged in reproduction and commodity cultivation of sea hydrobionts of an animal and a phytogenesis on the basis of modern industrial technologies of a marikultura: scallop and trepang (sea cucumber), their processing and realization.

The location of our farm

Location of the Scientific and Production Company aquaculture "NEREIDA" production base - Primorsky Krai, Hasansky area, Zarubino settlement.

The part of the sea water area of the gulf Whale of 5484,8 hectares under creation of economy of an aquaculture is assigned to the enterprise. Owing to geological and historical prerequisites in the territory of the Hasansky area and adjacent water areas of the Sea of Japan there was a peculiar system of natural complexes, in the world any more not meeting anywhere. The enterprise possesses specialized courts for service of plantations, shops of processing, a floating pier, own production refrigerator and shop of storage of live production.