Company info

Scientific and Production Company aquaculture "NEREIDA" was formed at the initiative of sector of investment projects of administration of the Hasansky area by attraction on the territory and associations of domestic scientific and technical potential and the interested representatives of business.

Scientific and Production Company aquaculture "NEREIDA" is created in 2000 for implementation of commodity cultivation, cultivation and production of marine biological resources, namely, a scallop seaside.

This modern domestic enterprise possessing specialized fleet and the unique patented technology of commodity cultivation of a seaside scallop.
Scientific and Production Company aquaculture "NEREIDA" is the largest enterprise in Russia in the sphere of cultivation of two-fold mollusks.

For the first four years the enterprise reached design capacity. The maximum production of a live scallop seaside made 500 tons.
Taste and quality caused a great demand on production, both on internal, and in foreign markets. All production of a scallop seaside is issued in a live look, thereby keeping the best flavoring and consumer qualities. The live scallop and a trepang live are packed into boxes polymeric in accordance with GOST P 51289 or transported in capacities with sea water and aeration.

The enterprise became known far outside Primorsky Krai. The management of Scientific and Production Company aquaculture "NEREIDA" doesn't stop on reached and constantly conducts search of new ways of development of production and improvement of quality and consumer properties of production released by the enterprise.

The enterprise updated the range and expanded it. Productions, new to Scientific and Production Company aquaculture "NEREIDA", such as are mastered: commodity cultivation of a Far East trepang. On purpose decrease in expenses and risks of production, providing it landing material, is conducted construction of shops of receiving thresh hydrobionts in controlled conditions. Now at the enterprise 2 names of food products are made, including:
• live scallop (OKP code 925340);
 • trepang live (OKP code 925361).

High quality of production of JSC NPKA NEREIDA - one of priorities of the enterprise. Work on introduction of modern methods of management of quality is constantly conducted.

The company is engaged in reproduction and commodity cultivation of sea hydrobionts of an animal and a phytogenesis on the basis of modern industrial technologies of a marikultura: comb and trepang, their processing and realization.

Scientific and Production Company aquaculture "NEREIDA" one of the first in the region certified quality management system on compliance to requirements of the international and national ISO 22000 and GOST P ISO standards 22000 respectively.

Evidence of quality recognition of production of Scientific and Production Company aquaculture "NEREIDA": numerous medals and diplomas of the Russian and international exhibitions and competitions, number of letters of thanks. Scientific and Production Company aquaculture "NEREIDA" has modern base of quality control and safety of production.

Location of production base

Location of the Scientific and Production Company aquaculture "NEREIDA" production base - Primorsky Krai, Hasansky area, Zarubino settlement.

The part of the sea water area of the gulf Whale of 5484,8 hectares under creation of economy of an aquaculture is assigned to the enterprise. Owing to geological and historical prerequisites in the territory of the Hasansky area and adjacent water areas of the Sea of Japan there was a peculiar system of natural complexes, in the world any more not meeting anywhere.

The enterprise possesses specialized courts for service of plantations, shops of processing, a floating pier, own production refrigerator and shop of storage of live production.

Geographical features of a location

The Hasansky area is located in the extreme South of Primorsky Krai and stretches rather narrow strip from the North to the south along the western coast of Peter the Great Bay. In the north the area borders with Ussuriisk and Nadezhdinsky regions of Primorsky Krai, in the West there passes the frontier with People's Republic of China, in the south, down the river Tumanggang, the area borders on Democratic People's Republic of Korea, from the East natural border of the area is the coast of Peter the Great Bay. The territory of the area includes more than 20 islands and islands located on adjacent water areas among which the largest – Big Pelis, Furugelma, Stenina, Antipenko and Sibiryakova.

Exactly here the only National Sea park in Russia is located; the richest reserve "Kedrovaja Pad" on a specific variety; the unique wildlife area "Barsovy" where the type of family of the cat's, most rare in the world, – a Far East leopard is protected. In the South of the area the Hasansky natural park for the purpose of protection of habitats of a huge variety of waterfowl is organized. In addition in the area about 20 unique nature sanctuaries are.

Why to choose Scientific and Production Company aquaculture "NEREIDA"

  • Perfect, qualitative production
  • Competitive cost
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Dynamic development of the company
  • The certified production
  • Modern base of quality control and safety of production
  • Expansion of the range of production