The scallop treats family of sea double-wing mollusks. The scallop lives in the Barents and Black seas, but the most part of this surprising look is after all along all Seaside coast and the South of Sakhalin Island. Production of a comb is conducted here by divers, falling to the sea abyss from special boats (kungas) and manually collect a comb. In day two divers can catch 500-600 sinks with a scallop.

On taste the scallop has the most delicate slightly sweetish meat which is difficult for mixing with something, very well combined with a huge type of products. Meat of a comb contains enormous amount of vitamins of group B, is rich with amino acids and microcells (iodine, iron, manganese, кольбанат). Experts advise regularly to use a scallop to people inclined to completeness as he is a low-calorie product (in 100g only 90 kcal contain).


Recipes of preparation of a scallop are estimated in hundreds since it can be eaten practically in any kind (fried, boiled, stewed, baked and even crude). What recipe to choose and how to prepare a sea sin to choose to you!

How to choose the best scallop

- There has to be a slight fresh smell of the sea
- Meat of a scallop has to be elastic
- Color of a scallop has to be cream-white or pinkish